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Cargo from China to Russia

One of the leading activities of Ruslogistic company — a cargo transportation from China to Russia. An optimal variant in this case — maritime container transports. This option implies multimodal transportation that is different vehicles without loss of time for an overload.  Experienced staff will provide for you the most profitable and reliable delivery route.

Sea cargo shipping from China 

Ruslogistic company delivers both complete containers, and combined freights, it means that you can choose the most profitable way.  Delivery can be carried out in the ports of Russia and Europe.  Apart from the usual containers at our disposal have refrigerated containers, which can carry a variety of food products, including frozen.

Air cargo  shipping from China

 It is the fastest method to deliver freight from China.  We take away goods, process all necessary documents for transportation and send it by plane.  At the airport of Russia cargo clearance process will take place with the help of our brokers.
Also the return sending goods is possible.

 Road cargo  transportation

Ruslogistic company works with the Chinese market for a long time; we have acquired business connections with many local carriers. Thanks to it we can take away goods from any point of China and to deliver at the point of shipment from the country.

Warehouse services in China

Cargo delivery of combined freights from China assumes that goods will spend part of time in warehouses. Ruslogistic company offers clients all range of warehousing services in China, including storage, distribution, marking, packaging, sending, acceptance etc.

Customs clearance

In addition, cargo delivery from China to Russia assumes documents registration. Our specialists will undertake all works on customs clearance, receipt of sanitary documents, import documentation, certification of an origin, etc.
Registration of all these papers does not require personal presence and happens as fast as possible.

Russia — China: import and export

If you need to deliver cargo from China to Russia or vice versa, our company will be glad to become a reliable partner and take on issues connected with foreign economic activities.
Acting as external economic agent, we will help you quickly and to correctly process all necessary documents, to carry out transactions and calculations, to organize delivery.