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Cargo from France to Russia

Ruslogistic company is engaged in transportations and will deliver for you combined freights from France with pleasure.  We have proved ourselves in logistics sphere as the reliable partner who cares for customer goods and always gets work in time.

Delivery details

Cargo transportation from France is carried out to Russia on the following algorithm: we take away goods from the French warehouse (which you specify), and then we bring it directly to Russia, or it can be consolidated in our warehouse in Kaunas, Lithuania. The client can also take away goods from there.
Delivery dates average 10 – 14 days, we always aim to do everything possible to deliver cargo as soon as possible (certainly, without loss of quality of work).
The price of cargo delivery depends on:

  • cargo type;
  • cargo weight;
  • volume of cargo;
  • delivery point;

Customs clearance

Customs clearance – is one of important during goods delivery from France to Russia. That’s why we take in a staff only of experienced, high-class specialists. They are capable to resolve even the most difficult issues and to find a way out of the most complicated situation. With Ruslogistic company customs clearance will pass quickly and without problems.

Cargo  insurance

We deliver groupage cargoes carefully and gently. We responsibly approach questions of transportation, we carry out manual loading of everything that can be damaged, we don’t use goods storage on racks and surely we insure everything. Our clients can choose an insurance company among our many partners.  The load is considered to be insured from the start of loading and unloading to the end unloading to the customer.

Intermediary services

If you are - a businessman working with French companies, you may be interested in the service of foreign agent. We mediate between you and the factory and take care of all services in registration and the product delivery.