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Cargo from Germany to Russia

Ruslogistic company — is the reliable partner who delivers groupage cargo transportation from Germany to Russia. We guarantee high quality, efficiency and safety of your property.

Delivery Details  from Germany to Russia
Transportation of goods from Germany as follows:

  1. We take away goods from warehouse in Germany (you specify in application).
  2. If necessary, cargo is consolidated in our warehouse in Lithuania, Kaunas
  3. Shipping goods in Russia.
  4. On customers request, goods can be taken from there

Our personal vehicle fleet allows us to deliver quickly freight from Germany. Terms of transportation average from 10 to 14 days.

Customs clearance

Besides direct transportation, a cargo transportation from Germany to Russia accompanied by customs clearance.  Ruslogistic takes all works on customs clearance, seeking to make the procedure as much as possible advantageous for the client.  We appreciate your time and money.

Safety of goods

Our specialists take care of your cargo safety.  Those items which can be damaged in transit are loaded manually; besides, we don't use racks when warehousing fragile objects. We insure all cargoes. Ruslogistic company is connected by strong partnership with several large insurance companies. Cargo is considered insured since the beginning of loading and unloading until the recipient.

Other services

If you do business with the German factory and you need regular deliveries of production, Ruslogistic company is ready to undertake a role of foreign trade agent. It helps you to reduce financial costs and bureaucratic risks. Our experienced staff takes responsibility for this activity, and provides you with consulting services.

Transportation cost

The price of groupage cargo transportation depends on:

  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Type of cargo
  • Point of delivery