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Cargo from Italy to Russia

If you are looking for a company that can deliver goods from Italy to  Russia,  guaranteeing at the same time safety of goods -  Ruslogistic ready to offer you  of combined cargo transportation, warehouses,  and customs services. We work honestly and responsibly.

Delivery Details 

Cargo delivery from warehouse in Italy (specified by you) to   warehouse in Russia.  If necessary, cargo can be consolidated in own warehouse of the company in Lithuania, Kaunas. You can also take away   your cargo from there if you wish.
Transportation is carried out on modern cars from vehicle fleet of Ruslogistic company.  We are committed to prompt resolution of all tasks therefore in most cases delivery periods to Russia is about 10 – 14 days. 

Transportation cost

Cargo transportation cost from Italy to Russia depends on weight, volume of freight, its type and a final point of delivery.
Individual price calculation you can get by contacting our managers.

Customs clearance

Transportation of goods from Italy is followed by customs clearance.  In Ruslogistic company experienced and competent brokers quickly, efficiently and profitably for you process all documents, get necessary permissions and papers.
Safety of goods

We understand that the most important customer requirement is safety of cargo, its protection against physical damages, theft and other troubles during transportation. Groupage cargoes from Italy are transported most carefully.  Fragile items and everything that can be damaged, we load manually. Besides, we don’t use rack warehousing for such freights.
Over the years, we have consolidated strong partnerships with leading companies-insurers. Due to this, client can choose who exactly will insure his freight. All transported goods are compulsorily insured for the beginning of loading and unloading the recipient.

Foreign trade agent

We offer you service of foreign trade agent. It is useful for those who are engaged in trade, but are not ready to expand staff and open shipping and logistics department. Our specialists will assume full responsibility for these operations, as you can save money, effort and nerves. In addition, you can also get consulting services if you want to solve these issues on their own.