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Cargo insurance

Process of cargo transportation is always caused by different risks connected with loss or damage of a certain part or all consignment. In addition, there is a number of transactions, such as transfer, an overload and storage in transit warehouse, which increase the risk.

Cargo insurance - confidence and reliability in business!

Cargo insurance will become an excellent option of additional lading protection from potential risks.

We insure your goods on the terms "With responsibility for all risks." ". This term implies a full recovery of losses from "death" of a certain part or all consignment which occurred for any reason, even including risk of plunder. An exception of an insured event is the loss which arose owing to any military operations and illegal actions of insurer, or his representatives.

Cargo is considered insured since the start of loading in a vehicle up to the fact of unloading (including storage on in-transit warehouses and an overload). Other options are discussed and specified separately in agreement. 

The full text of the contract with insurer and insurance regulations can be found in our office.

RUSLOGISTIC company provides selection of the best options of insurance, depending on the type of cargo. We always try to make advances to our clients, making cooperation with us more profitable and convenient.

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