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FEA Support

Ruslogistic company offers foreign trade activities support for experienced companies and for those who are just beginning their work.

The majority of firms anyway interact with foreign partners and suppliers, and our specialists will help to make this interaction more profitable for you.

FEA  outsourcing

There are different ways of FEA services in our company.

If you - an experienced businessman, then it will be useful for you the following services Foreign Economic broker:

• cargo transportation and complete customs clearance of goods;

• declarant's services;

• work with the specific goods that require knowledge of the customs legislation of specialization

• adjustment of relations with those countries in which the customer does not work yet;

• other services foreign trade activities.

If your company only begins the foreign economic activity, then we are ready to offer you the following services:

• consultation at all stages of work;

• matching and search of partners (suppliers, buyers);

• foreign trade transactions support and registration of all necessary documents;

• solution of customs questions;

• role of client's representative in various international instances

Other services

Ruslogistic company can carry out individual risk analysis and matching of methods to avoid them. We also offer legal FEA maintenance, including creation of contracts, insurance brokerage services, carrying out transactions for export, registration of certified documents, and also legal support and representation of interests of the client in court.

During transportation our employees carry out quality check of goods, compliance of a real batch to what is specified in documents. We deliver door to door, and use all types of international transport.

Why you can trust us?

Our company carries out many years outsourcing of foreign trade activities and provides international carriages. Over the years we have acquired partnership relations, developed convenient routes and removed the most profitable and effective schemes of work. Our consolidation warehouses, offices, experienced stuff makes our work accurate, verified and reliable.

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