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Foreign trade agent services

If your company assumes regular purchase and delivery of foreign goods to Russia, otherwise, if you plan to engage in FEA conducting, but don't intend to expand staff, to hire expensive specialists, want to avoid financial and bureaucratic burden and minimize the risks, we can help you to find a way!

RUSLOGISTIС company offers support services or complete management of foreign trade transactions. Working with us you simplify process of conclusion of profitable transactions. You just need to sign tripartite intermediary agreement (delivery contract) in national currency with our company. Then the whole process of implementation of the international transactions carried out by our qualified professionals, who successfully work for a long time in this sphere.

So we are the official representatives of your company and according to the agreement, we make purchase of goods by abroad with its subsequent delivery to Russia, we appear official FEA participants in all documents. We carry a full range of services for FEA implementation of all stages of the transaction on goods import.

Our specialists:

  • do all work connected with registration and collection of necessary documents
  • relieve you of communication with officials and ordinary civil servants,
  • carry out procedure of a customs clearance of goods quickly,
  • assume implementation of all financial and legal processes,

For any questions please contact with managers by the phone numbers listed on the site.

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